Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The Illusion Comes Crumbling Down

The Illusion Comes Crumbling Down

By Jessica Woods 

Posted on September 21, 2022

“A new world is upon us; nothing remains the same. Not your work life, your financial life, or your love life. All of it is changing. You cannot stop it.” JW

As we spiritually progress by awakening to our knowledge and awareness of Self beyond this reality, we can begin to see the illusions we have created.

We start by noticing the awkwardness of not knowing who we are. We begin to unravel our minds, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and beliefs. Then we move to our outer reality the world, the population, the earth, and each other. We start to clearly see the distortions that have governed our many lives.

We seek truth where once we were blinded by the illusion of control, manipulation, and corruption. A false sense of self, a weaker, powerless asleep giant awakening to the realisation of a greater Self. A plan that we immersed ourselves so deeply in, that we’d forgotten we were the Creator.

It is inevitable that we will look past the deception, lies, deceit, power games, and coercion and see how pathetic, and outdated those perceptions are. We will choose to know nothing but the truth.

The truth about our beginning and end, and that of humanity. Interesting how we use the term human race…racing where? to whom?…perhaps back to ourselves as One.

We will challenge ourselves to remember that we are nothing more than creation experiencing itself in all it different facets, aspects, and guises. We will return to the knowledge that we, by removing the cloaks, veils, and layers are at one with all things and another game begins…

Jessica Woods

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