Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Remember you are Being

Remember you are Being


Via Gloria Wendroff

Posted September 20, 2022

Your motif need not be tension. What merit has tension but to wind you up? Now it is time to wind down. You will do well to relax more. Rest more. Fight fatigue less. It is not so terrible to get tired. Allow yourself the pleasure of rest as well.

Be not consumed with activity. Be not consumed with accomplishments and results.

I would tell you to be consumed with being, but being is non-consumable. You are being. Be less consumed.

Amidst anything, you can be. You can be without other attributes. Just know you are My beloved and be. Be being. Be that which you are. Strive less. Attain less. Be more. Accept Me more.

Your being and My Being are the same. Being is being. There are not many kinds. There is My One Being, and it is yours. You may not yet express My consciousness fully, but you have My Being. It is the inner essence of you. It is the Truth of you. We are Being, you and I. We are Being.

When did tension become such a wonderful thing that all embrace it? Who said that drive is more important than being? Who said running is better than sitting?

Surely, you were made for activity. But you were not made for only activity. When you run, you pass by many things. You were also made for absorbing. Between activity and being is observation. Observation links.

Allow time for reverie. Allow time to be by yourself. Get to know yourself. You are someone to get to know. You are not someone to run away from. Enjoy peace with yourself. Allow yourself to be one with yourself.

Man has searched for his identity outside himself. No one else but you can identify you. They are too busy. You are the identifier of yourself. The remarkable thing is that everyone has the same identity. But each must find it for himself or herself.

Your identity is already established. Only you haven’t caught on.

In solitude, you will catch on.

As a good swimmer in the ocean, you go past the seaweed into the clear sea.

In your life, you are getting past the seaweed.

A good swimmer also knows when to float. A swimmer is a swimmer when he floats as well as when he swims.

And so, in life, you are learning to lean back. It is a skill you have yet to learn, most of you, that is. It is a great skill to lean back and to observe.

You cannot catch up to everything anyway.

On earth, when you swim, you cannot encompass the entire ocean. You would swallow too much water. On earth, you cannot encompass everything, or you wear out.

Sail the seas, and go to shore.

Both are good.

And you are good.

You are splendid.

Awake or asleep, you are splendorous.

There is nothing you have to prove. There is nothing you have to have. There is nothing you have to be but what you are. And you are that regardless of what you do.

Doing is not more important than being.

Be in activity, and be in stillness.

You cannot be more than I made you to be. And you cannot be less.

Be all that you are by not trying so hard.

Be at peace with yourself.

You are all right. You are fine with Me. What, then, must you accumulate?

A swimmer swims in the water but does not hold on to it.

Learn to let be in life. Let life be. Remember you are Being.

Gloria Wendroff

Gloria Wendroff

Gloria Wendroff, a teacher of English and business communication, grew up without religion or thoughts about God. No one, least of all Gloria, would have guessed that she would become a Godwriter and, through God's words, bring thousands of people closer to God and their own hearts.

Today Gloria receives and sends out Heavenletters every day, gives Godwriting workshops, works on her next book, How to Godwrite, and makes CD's -- all with an ear to the Still Small Voice and bringing earth closer to Heaven.Now Gloria gives Godwriting ™ workshops where everyone learns to hear God’s answers for themselves.

She also writes down messages from God every day and emails them out to worldwide subscribers of Heavenletters, and she relays personal questions to God and gets answers for those who ask. Heavenletters are here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken our connection to God, our belief in ourselves, and our awareness of our shared worthiness to God.

The main message, Gloria says, is: God is always bringing us closer to Him.


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