Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Christine: Evolution Whilst We Weren’t Looking

Christine: Evolution Whilst We Weren’t Looking

By Suzanne Maresca

Posted September 21, 2022

One of our readers in the U.K. wrote in with a compassionate and uplifting commentary on the disparity of reactions to the Queen’s death.

What has really come to the fore with the Queen’s death, is how the British have evolved while we weren’t looking.

Regardless of anyone’s opinion of the Queen and her family, the people of Britain have really stepped up.

Yes, there are a handful who feel it’s okay to be petty, rude or hateful at this time, but they are very few, and most sadly, coming from the “truther” community, or not of British origin.

Whether those Brits be asleep, woke, royalist or whatever, their loss is real to them, and they are mourning.

So in true British style, we respect this by demonstrating gentle compassion, companionship, understanding, consideration and kindness to all of those people who are sad. We are humbled by the people of Britain for their loyalty and for their loss, whatever their status.

This is a true demonstration of raised consciousness, humanity’s evolution.

It doesn’t matter about the hateful rhetoric and political posturing; that is being ignored by the British people. The People are ‘there’ for The People. That is what evolution is about.

That is what Patriotism looks like in Britain.

We know about the evil behaviours of Andrew and some of the other Royals and ‘Dignitaries’ from Europe and around the world. We are not happy that deep state mafia like Biden, Trudeau, Macron and other Royals will be coming to our country (although we can see how they are each being elegantly and subtly humiliated by being put front and centre, allowing them to strut in their own self importance at a time and place that is truly not about them).

But we will be polite to them ~ for today, because our anger shown in public at this time would hurt not those evil ones, but those fellow Brits who are grieving.

We know this time is not about ourselves, but about the people who are genuinely enduring a loss.

We recognise that our need to air our ‘truths’ is not for this time, this time is about those who have lost, who are sad.

Humanity’s Ascension is more than just exposing speculative salacious ‘truths’ or virtue signalling and judgement, it’s about LOVE and compassion for each other, about helping others starting out on their own journey of ascension ~ for that is what this is ~ however they need that to look.

Today, I’m really chuffed with the British people for being ‘the grown up in the room.’

Today, I feel like ascension progress is happening.

Tomorrow, I’ll be continuing in my gratitude for the White Hats and their families, exposing the deep state mafia and doing my bit to create the new Terra.

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough, but today ~ I see ascension happening, and I’m chuffed.
Suzanne Maresca

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