Thursday, August 11, 2022

Realizing Our Infinite Self

Realizing Our Infinite Self

By Kenneth Schmitt

Posted on August 11, 2022

The Infinite One experiences the awareness of every conscious being everywhere, down to the smallest sub-atomic wave-particle being and out to the universes. Each of us is living in the life stream of our Creator and participating in universal consciousness. We have complete free will in choosing how we want to feel. As we confront the energetic patterns that are brought into our presence, our feelings are stimulated. Our emotions are both informative and creative, depending on how we use them. Our reaction or acceptance of each encounter determines the quality of our experience. If we align with the energies, in order to resist or support them, we give them our life force through our recognition and engagement, making the experience real for us. If we accept the energies of our encounters, and we maintain our alignment with our infinite Self through our intuition, any negative energetic patterns will dissipate out of our presence. We no longer believe in their reality, because they have no basis in Creator consciousness. They are real only because they are human-created within duality. As we complete our excursion into time-space and duality, we can learn to master the human experience with our creative intent. By aligning with the energies of life-enhancement for all, we can confidently create the fulfillment of the desires of our heart. We can thoroughly enjoy living on the Earth and sharing her energy. Being clear and having consciously and subconsciously no constraints upon our awareness, we are free to modulate all the energies in our presence in resonance with compassion, gratitude and joy. The polarity and vibratory level of our presence is expressed by our perspective, and our alignment with our presence beyond time and space can give us a perspective beyond ego-consciousness. Once we are aligned with our intuitive knowing, we naturally transcend karma, because we no longer need its lessons. If we intend to realize our unlimited Self, we can begin by imagining the most elevated version of ourselves, and continue to upgrade that as our realization becomes greater. Who we think we are depends upon our beliefs about ourselves. If we examine our personal beliefs very closely, we’ll understand how we have limited ourselves, and we can decide how we want to be. Changing our beliefs, changes our character and our energetic signature. When we can realize our unlimited Self, we can free ourselves from beliefs in personal limitation, and our intuition becomes our constant guide to knowing and understanding every situation. As we intentionally align with the energies of life-enhancement, we align with the consciousness of the Infinite One. We are free to have fun and enjoy life, anticipating being loving and grateful in every moment.

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The Truth Within Us, Will Set Us Free. We Are ONE.
No Need of Dogmatic Religions, Political Parties, and Dogmatic Science, linked to a Dark Cabal that Divides to Reign.

Any investigation of a Genuine TRUTH will confirm IT. 
TRUTH need no protection.

  1. Why the (fanatics and fake) Zionists are so afraid of any Holocaust investigations?
  2. Why are corporate media, governments and the social media so afraid that someone will investigate the pandemic and covid vaccines? 
  3. Why is it that in the West, almost any alternative media that is neutral or investigating the Ukraine war, is persecuted, discredited, ridiculed, and in some cases banned.

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