Saturday, August 13, 2022

Lion’s Gate Live Transmission

Lion’s Gate Live Transmission

By the Elohim

Through Asil Toksal

Posted on August 12, 2022


We are Elohim. In your existence in the human form, humanity has understood that this existence requires the circumstances of its environment to be in perfect balance. The balance itself is created through the rich environment of this Earth itself, and this rich environment of the Earth is in perfect balance to the environment of its solar system, and the solar system itself is in perfect balance with the galaxy that it exists in, and the galaxy itself, in perfect balance to the many other galaxies.

The current constellation of your existence provides for life, provides the opportunity to experience the human form. And particularly in this moment in time, the constellation of specific stars provide a greater energetic potential on this plane. Several energy streams that move through the stars of this existence coincide and align to provide a great frequency, a great energy to be fueled in your consciousness, in your heart, and in your physical being. Even those that are unaware and unattuned to these frequencies present on this plane of existence will receive the benefits of this fuel. All living beings are impacted by this constellation, and the many constellations that occur across the lifetime of any species. In a moment of silence, in a moment of deep contemplation, deep surrender, you allow this fuel that moves through this plane to move through you without obstructions, without distractions, without dispersion of the energy that is available to you. It enters your system, and it is concentrated, directed, through all the energy channels of your physical and energetic being.

All parts of your being are impacted through the full effect of these energies that are moving through you. The frequency at which this energy moves allows for specific processes to be activated within the human form, within human consciousness. An elevation of consciousness occurs, an expansion of consciousness occurs. The great potential of your existence becomes visible and visceral. In a moment like this, you are truly fully immersed in all of existence, in all of creation. In a moment like this, you are creation itself. And the mind, with its complex operations, finds a moment of rest. And the heart, with its complex emotions, finds a moment of rest. And the physical body itself quiets; the senses find a moment of rest. A greater sensibility emerges from the silence. Witness yourself dissolving into all of existence, becoming the creative force itself, and witness the creative force creating and recreating you with every moment of your existence, even in this moment. Without the conscious act of will, you are created into being, you are held in this form of existence, you are fueled and loved in this form of existence, no effort required, no conscious will apply. And in this moment of great trust and surrender, you notice the great potential and the great power of life itself emerging from within you.

All parts of your being are fueled with this original and pure creative force, the love-of-creation itself; all parts of your being receiving the benefits of this moment of surrender. Nature, as it is established here, knows, and will take care of you. All automated processes are reset and realigned, allowing for the mind and the heart to operate from a new base, a new foundation, a foundation that is consistently provided for, a foundation that is consistently fueled by this love-of-creation.

This is the foundation of an awakening soul. And you walk this path in support of your life, your self-realization, in support of humanity’s existence, expansion, and evolution. And all that is required is a moment of silence and trust, to be held, to be fueled, and to be aligned, knowing that you are cared for, knowing that you carry great potential, great power, and great love within yourself, that even within the constraints of this human form, there are no limits to this creative force. And even within this life of limitations perceived, you hold great potential still untouched. This potential is sparked in a moment of energetic infusion, this potential to be the greatest version of yourself: the one that has allowed itself to be held, to be loved, and to evolve; the one that has allowed itself to emerge has an awakening and awakened soul, the one that embraces power with grace, and allows this power within to become even more conscious, to become a conscious creator in this human form. And while this energy moves through you, you may choose to direct this energy to any aspect of your life, to any relationships within your life, to any of the creations of your life. And you can truly witness and observe as this creative force that moves through you creates on your behalf, creates a life and a reality fueled by existence, no longer fueled by the mind, the heart, or the physical form.

You have become a vessel of the divine. You have become a conscious creator, assuming this vessel that has been gifted to you, and allowing this vessel to operate in its greatest form, allowing this vessel to provide for you, and for all of those around you. The evolution of humanity is imminent and is consistent. The evolutionary processes and expansions may be intensified in this current time and age, yet no matter the speed and the pace at which evolution occurs, allowing yourself to be that vessel of transformation and of creative power will allow you to face any and all energetic changes, any and all physical changes, any and all emotional and mental changes. Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.

Elohim: Thank you for receiving these adjustments, may these words and alignment, the energy of this particular day, and of this particular moment, fuel your lives, fuel your evolution, and fuel your empowerment as a conscious creator.

Asil Toksal

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