Sunday, August 7, 2022

Better late than never

Better late than never

Through Sharon Stewart

Posted August 7, 2022

Question 1 from Linnea:

Hello Saint Germain, Tiannia of Vega and Ivoron! (Yes, I like to use galactic names, I think that I honor the person then). I have come to the conclusion that I am a starseed from the Pleiades. My higher self has also revealed to me that I am the intergalactic daughter of Lord Commander Ashtar Sheran, and That’s not a lie, as I HATE people who lie! My question is: What can I do to be more safe when I am doing spiritual warfare? Can I get help from the Galactics?

Me: You've been talking to reptilians. You you honestly believe this is true. Ashtar says he has no family on this planet. Do you know how many people I've met that believe the same thing as you do? A lot! Either Ashtar is the most prolific extraterrestrial going or the dark ones have been weaving their magic spells again.

St Germain: Your question of protecting yourself doing spiritual warfare, which I assume is also while talking to your higher self, is what I call “better late than never.” Your inner sense that you must protect yourself is a result of the consequences you have experienced by not protecting yourself and we see this here.

The best way to protect one's self is to shield before doing any spiritual work especially while speaking telepathically simply because there are so many dark forces at work at the moment.

Also during the day, proper energetic maintenance should be done: Attachments must be detached, negative people's energy must be transmuted and cord cutting must be carried out. Proper protection with a 12D shield and declaration of intent of sovereignty is a must.

12 D Shield Building Technique

Also as for your hatred of people who lie, perhaps you might wish to do some shadow work to understand why you despise people for doing this so much. The more you dislike someone, the more you are inclined to become a victim of your own energy.

Question 2

Do you have any advice on how to open my third eye? I have had immense pressure between my eyes, and I have begun to see ghostly figures and energy moving around. They don’t scare me, I sense that they are benevolent.

St Germain: You're doing fabulously. Your third eye IS opening.

Me: I've added a link so you can read an article written about third eye opening signs. Maybe some of you would like to know as well.

Question 3

Do you have any advice on how I can access my Akashic Records? I am very curious to get back my knowledge and psychic abilities. Should I meditate, or just ”go with the flow”? I have watched several different spiritual Light language videos that help me with spiritual stuff.
I would be so honored if you answer my questions!

St Germain: To access the akashic records you must lower the veil of amnesia. It is this veil that stops you from understanding yourself at a multi-dimensional level. The most immediate way is to meditate quietly and stop your mind from wandering back to the past and forwards into the future. When you do these things, you enable the veil. When you stay in the moment you have greater power of mind and can access your akashic.

Sharon is reminding me that first of all having that intention, which you do, prompts the higher self to seek answers for you. You will be prepared in order to be able to do this by your higher self when you declare your desire to do so.

Your Saint Germain

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