Saturday, August 13, 2022

And Yet...

And Yet...


Via Gloria Wendroff

Posted August 13, 2022

God said:

You are an investor in life. You half-invest. You welcome life at the same time as you turn it away. You want and you don’t want.

You are the same with death. You long for it, and you hide from it. You run away from it.

As you look at death, so you look at life.

You do not always deal well with change.

All of life is a transit from one moment to another. All is in transition. You slip from one moment to another. Your body changes minute by minute according to other changes. You are never the same, and yet you crave to be the same, as if a moment ago were better than this one now.

You see life as haphazard. Death too. And yourself, as well.

You long for success, and yet you may dodge it.

You repel failure, and you may keep calling it to you.

You are bored with life, and yet you may see each event, whatever it may be, as monumental. It is so important to you.

Wouldn’t you think you’d be used to change by now?

Money is also referred to as change, and transactions as exchange. Too much change, not enough change. How you view money is also how you view life and yourself and the world.

You may think life is stingy with you, but you may be stingy with it. Or spendthrift, as if life were nothing at all. You may try to hoard life or hide it away or let everyone know how much you have or let no one know. As you are with money, so are you with life.

This is not the real you that We are speaking of. The real you is a far different engager.

You do not need to worry about change. Better to accept it. You do not have to scurry around for change, for change will come to you soon enough.

According to your fearing, life and death are not that much different. But life is your present opportunity, and death is only a now useless body stepped out of.

You would not weep so much nor fear so much except that you are deeply invested in the physical body. You have thought your body is you. You have pampered it or abused it or ignored it or denied it, and so you fuss with life. And you have imagined also that other people are their bodies intact.

Perhaps you are a drifter in life. Most are. You inhabit a world that seems empty, and your eyes are vacant. You go from one location to another, and while you rebuke change, you bemoan that everything is the same.

Life is folly, and folly is life. And you are so much more than you are led to believe. Your hope is that that is true.

In life, you are finding out who you are. You stumble over yourself and think you have tripped over someone or something else. And when you see glory, you think that is someone else’s too.

You are a see-er of life. You are the witnesser of it. You are the actor in it. You are the maker of the events that you see. Certainly, you make something of them.

Make enough of yourself. Embolden yourself to believe that you are worth something and that you are here for a grand purpose. Know that the steps and stages of your life are stepping-stones to something more. Know that you are a traveler in life, and you travel skyward. Know that each step and each event has value in a world that is prone to devaluate. Know your importance to Me. Know that I love you and the world, and that a pure stream runs through your life, and that you are a reflector of it.

Know there is more for the eye to see. Know there is more to you. Know that you are a being of light. Your heart flies on wings of birds to Me.

Know that you are mighty in your forage for Me, and that I am always found. The Founder of you is found. Found means seen right before your eyes, right where I have always been. No need to play hide-and-seek. I am in plain view.

Although nothing in My creation is wasted, not even weeping, your tears are yet for naught.

Gloria Wendroff

Gloria Wendroff

Gloria Wendroff, a teacher of English and business communication, grew up without religion or thoughts about God. No one, least of all Gloria, would have guessed that she would become a Godwriter and, through God's words, bring thousands of people closer to God and their own hearts.

Today Gloria receives and sends out Heavenletters every day, gives Godwriting workshops, works on her next book, How to Godwrite, and makes CD's -- all with an ear to the Still Small Voice and bringing earth closer to Heaven.Now Gloria gives Godwriting ™ workshops where everyone learns to hear God’s answers for themselves.

She also writes down messages from God every day and emails them out to worldwide subscribers of Heavenletters, and she relays personal questions to God and gets answers for those who ask. Heavenletters are here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken our connection to God, our belief in ourselves, and our awareness of our shared worthiness to God.

The main message, Gloria says, is: God is always bringing us closer to Him.

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