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Rudolf Steiner – Angels, Archangels of the Folk and Myths of Northern Europe

Rudolf Steiner – Angels, Archangels of the Folk and Myths of Northern Europe.

Lecture 1 - Video.

Posted June 3, 2020, by Derek Knauss.


Lecture given in Oslo the 7th June, 1910 by Rudolf Steiner. The homeless person and the Folk-Soul. The Ego’s work on mankind, in connection with previous stages of the earth’s development. Angels, Archangels and Archai. Transformation of their bodies. Future consciousness. Division of mankind and it’s future abilities. Time Spirit or Zeitgeist. The repetition of earlier epochs. Angels between Folk-spirits and humans.
As this talk was given over 100 years ago, the presentation may be a bit drawn out for most listeners today.  Don’t get bogged down in the first 4-6 minutes and the pace of the discussion, feel free to fast forward.  The information will hopefully and eventually warm to you.

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