Thursday, June 4, 2020



By Fatima D’Agostino.

Translated from Portuguese on June 4, 2020.


It is easy to erase the footprints, but it is difficult to walk without stepping on the ground (Lao Tzu)

This phrase brings me to the global events that are unfolding, such as protests, violence, growing unemployment, pandemic, panic. The occurrences, in any part of the globe, spread like a powder trail and frequencies still vibrating in the three-dimensional energy, they are organized in waves against or in favor of everything.

For those who envisioned internal chaos due to social isolation, but blame the virus, the government, family, friends or the boss for the situation, these events are powerful distractions and divert the focus on themselves, strengthening the illusion of collaborating in building a society that fights for rights, equality, and freedom.

Lao Tzu's phrase is the exact history of humanity throughout its existence on the planet: aggregation and segregation through wars, conflicts, and hatred. To this day, we walk in circles, erasing the footprints and stepping on the same path again, but with the perception altered by external motivations. Is this evolution or repetition of predictable cycles?

In the heart of those who exercise their free will, there is no racism, prejudice, or indignation that reverberates in revolt. Our story was one of the battles, struggles, sufferings, and difficulties because it was the vibration of density and the illusion that did not let us feel that others are part of ourselves.

When we exercise free will, we vibrate love for suffering hearts, we vibrate for peace and a harmonious transition for all humanity. Until now, much has been said about free will, but this empowers the essence hidden by rationality and we have, until now, made use of convenient choices for our acceptance, not rejection and judgments of others.

Dear ones, not feeling the need to speak out against racism, against fascism, against the left, against the right, against capitalism or against communism represents a lot for the paradigm shift in the world, more than you can imagine. This does not imply an omission regarding the acts performed against life by frightened and lost hearts in the darkness, but a new way, conscious and awake, of being in the world.

It is simply a question of getting out of the cycle of repetition of old beliefs created from reaction and separation. It is to trust life and love. Nobody changes anyone, racists will remain racist, violence will remain violent. Not even the hearts illuminated by love are able to transform those who are not ready to see that change begins in themselves and co-creates collective reality.

We have not yet fully exercised free will, as it keeps us in love and acceptance. We have confused it, throughout human history, with the control that aims to maintain the vibrational frequencies that have built the society we have.

Unprecedented paradigm changes will occur on Earth, already initiated on the universal stage. It was difficult, and it is challenging for those who already oscillate between two realities, to walk on the same ground sedimented by wars, suffering, violence, separations.

We no longer need to erase the footprints, especially those that we are ashamed of or feel guilty about, they will fade and try this path is no longer possible, we are privileged human beings for the planetary transition and the virus and the growing violence threatens life, causing our immersion in the internal resources and wisdom of our essence, that's why we wake up.

The traps of provocation, control, judgment, reaction, fear, and violence now manifest in the collective reality are remnants of the old world crumbling and the distressed movement of many who no longer see the safe and known path of duality.

Just that, everything is fine!

Vibrate love, lots of love!

Fatima D’Agostino

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