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By AarayA from Sirius

The Sirian Messenger.

Through Dinnho Beduzupo.

Translation from Portuguese: June 4th, 2020.


(Continued… from Part I)

Beloved Souls, Greetings!

Dinnho Beduzupo: - Whenever there is talk of wars, is it because of a greater need for transition, despite the shedding of so much blood and loss of lives?

AarayA of Real Virus: - No war is “necessary”, however, when those who command a social segment understand that they have the right to use this resource in favor of their own interests, to inflame a group or a nation against the other, it is a possibility that mediocre leaders do not dispense with. All very synchronized with the low moral quality of those involved.

One can position oneself whenever common sense is present, without this resource. But in the quest to demonstrate strength and power, life is worth no more than the ambition of Man intoxicated by his own vices.

DB: - Does this also apply to those who resist, for example, a provocation, a possible invasion, for example?

Aa: - When the most heated conflicts are in the karmic history of those involved, sooner or later the bill comes to them, and it can be in this format or in other more subtle ways. Pandemics are one of them, for example.

DB: - Always? In all cases?

Aa: - In many cases. There is also hunger, plagues, social segregation based on ethnicity, gender, spirituality ... always very much in line with the level of dense action with which that social segment was involved back there*.


Aa: - There are wars and wars, my brother, and many of them take place silently, without due to public recognition. In our view, the most vile - because, usually, they only show their effects, without revealing their causative agents.

DB: - Does the System hide them?

Aa: - The System is the result of man's ignorance about its origin, about its real energetic potential, its gifts, and divine inclinations, and because of this spiritual lethargy so intrinsically linked to the moral development of all beings involved in this process, invariably invoke the effects with which they are constantly called upon to respond.

DB: - Is it correct to say that the so-called limiting beliefs contribute to all this?

Aa: - Certainly. However, it is imperative to point out here that what a limiting belief does, in reality, is to potentiate something that is already, to a greater or lesser degree of development, inserted in the core of the earth. Those who live Unconditional Love, Fraternity, Kindness, Sensitivity, those who follow the path of Good Practices, do not strengthen concepts that differ from their intimate, more expanded guidelines. They can be provoked as much as possible, they are closed with the Light and do not depart from it as long as there is engagement in this direction.

DB: - Even if a leader calls his people to face a “greater evil” head-on?

Aa: - A leader knows what he wants and what needs to be done to protect his people from excesses and misdeeds - including himself. When precedents are set for denser attitudes, it is necessary to observe very carefully what are the real values ​​of these beings, if it is something really geared towards the collective or the exclusivity of their own interests. You know, the two don't always go together ... but duality works that way, exposing only the face that best suits you in favor of itself.

DB: - And how could we articulate ourselves so that it would be especially easier for us to see what words so often hide, mentor?

Aa: - Searching. Studying. Expanding understandings, even if it means reviewing concepts that until then were considered immutable. And how difficult it is for them to abandon certain beliefs with which they were vibrationally connected until another point in their evolutionary route!

DB: - For that reason, we dragged ourselves so far on these moral issues, even capable of pitting ourselves against each other ...

Aa: - For that reason too. As stated earlier, when man understands who he really is, he can be told to shout disconnected words from the Good News, for example, that no command of that order will be heeded. It is the adherents of density who need to feed the energy of aggression, revanchism, duality, segregation, and will even do so in the guise of social calm until their most harmful effects emerge for a public explanation.

DB: - And the result of all this, we know.

Aa: - We all know it, regardless of the reality of the dimensional basis - be it earthy or beyond.

(…) To be continued…

Selamat Matah! (May the peace be with you!)


AarayA of Sirius

Dinnho Beduzupo

Channel's Note: 
The real challenge, in my humble understanding, is when someone says something interested in something completely adverse. At the national level, everything is very serious. But at the same time, I see that when there is a positive synchronicity between what is said and what is done, it is everyone's duty to defend this guideline, however, free from the passions that so often blindly and sabotage us. ūüėČ

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