Tuesday, June 2, 2020



By AarayA from Sirius

The Sirian Messenger.

Through Dinnho Beduzupo.

Translation from Portuguese: June 2nd, 2020.


Beloved Souls, Greetings!

For this Now we intuit the channel to the fraternal sharing of yet another of our most private conversations. In the hope that something might beckon them more useful in terms of expanding understandings, here are passages from our record:

Dinnho Beduzupo: - How do the ascendants see this issue of public demonstrations in California, with all those looting and aggressions? Is Transition related to that?

AarayA of Real Virus: - Everything that happens today is related in some way to the process by which Planetinha Azul (small planet Blue) goes through. As confusing as this may seem to them from the point of view of Man, there are many things of extreme relevance being worked together in paintings of this nature, even the densest.

As for the excesses of Terrans, none of this is new even among the Californian brothers like those in any other quadrant in the Universe that is vibrationally in energetic boiling. Or does Pozinho de Estrelas really believe that in absolutely every movement where revised values ​​were defended, all members of these movements were really only there to protest or raise theses?

DB: - No, really. But it's the kind of thing that we rarely think about, right?! You can see who won, who lost, and we usually forget who was in the middle of it all.

Aa: - It is natural for a denser atmosphere. However, as the planet's vibrational field increases, empathy increasingly strengthens and the separatist sense of duality disarms itself, seeking alternative ways for a just and harmonious coexistence.

Until then, the modest suggestion is that they are not distracted by the notes of the media that has always tried to delegitimize the core, the essence of what cries out to that more specific social segment. She, the media, specialized in this, and you give in mechanically almost always.

DB: - But isn't it important for us to be aware of these “excesses” as well? Isn't that relevant?

Aa: - The question is another, very beautiful: What interests do what your media are so careful to show? Are punctual excesses (looting, robbery, death) more important than what is being tried to tell the rest of society? These answers have different presentations due to the degree of commitment of the Seeker to what transcends or stops them evolutionarily, and everything is of the Law *.

DB: - It speaks of the Law of Equivalences, I suppose.

Aa: - It can also be called that.

DB: - Will the racial issue cease to be a dilemma between our species one day or will we continue to act as if none of this exists in the way that blacks live?

Aa: - You have that answer, but I understand the importance of the record. [smile] It is consistent to understand that, in order to really achieve satisfactory planetary development, issues of this nature are completely overcome. If within a long or short time of its linear reading, it is not up to you to access it for now, because the time element is not the determining factor of any of this, but of how each being behaves today that, in engagement, is watched and reconstructed socially before the Cosmic Whole.

DB: - Now talk about those little actions of every day, of self-love and unconditional love for everything and everyone.

Aa: - One of our guidelines for Gaia and the New Man, as JATA (The Creative Source, God) aims.

(To be continued in part 2)

Selamat Matah! (May the peace be with you!)


AarayA of Sirius

Dinnho Beduzupo

Channel's Note:
It seems to us difficult to conceive "great gains" for the development of Man in the face of chaos, but I understand today that it is the great storms that precede the most constant lulls. This is targeting. ❤

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