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June 3rd, 2020

day 72 on the big mother planet.

This week the energy has intensified as the Sun, Moon and the Earth move towards alignment on Friday. The energy of this time promises great rewards and patience if we are able to meet the challenges and obstacles with courage and determination. Compassion and sensitivity is required as the release of old wounds is bringing the need for forgiveness.

It is time to fully release the past and to use the intensity of this time to bring more light into the world. Your inner guidance is at work expanding your consciousness and bringing a greater awareness of the need for unity and strength both in your internal world and your external reality. As the patterns and cycles of the past are released remember to stay open to the highest and best course of action. Remember that now is a time where you can discover a new way of life, one that stems from a consciousness united in forgiveness, compassion and love.
Much Love.

Kate Spreckley

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