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“Perspective“ Of (TWINS Rays) And 144 Collective Monads. ~ Ash’Tar’Ke’ree of Jupiter Command, March 15th, 2019

“Perspective“ Of (TWINS Rays) And 144 Collective Monads. 

Commander Ash’Tar’Ke’ree of The Jupiter Command,

March 15th, 2019. 


Commander Ash’Tar’Ke’ree of The Jupiter Command 

“Perspective “ Of
( TWINS Rays  ) And 144 Collective Monads  ! ♾
Ash’Tar’Ke’ree speaks ….. 🙏🏽
“ Ahhhh …. Ok Where do we start With this Controversial alexclamation, for all its ubiquity, …. it is a very useful tool to understand…. coming from a non linear Construct …..
The Twin Ray/Flames or perfect alchemical union – love, …. is born out of the original heavenly white-fire of the
All That Is : ….. All That has been ….. and All That is to be ….
( Great MIND and Intelligent – Creator God Force
Primordial Light – the Universal Central Sun, the highest concentration of pure Spirit in the universe. ☀️ …
One can even call this creative force the — All That is ☀️
Sun Of all Suns ….
the first ever created (mandelbrot set ) ….. breath of Brahma ….many names for the same primordial force but ‘ names matter not….
God/ The All That Is – takes the Single cell – shaped like an Egg ovoid , and makes out of this , two spheres of light  ( ♾ ) … Thus Creating Oversoul Monads …

That you can say ‘
it births Julia sets of ( Individualised Monads Of Atma or Atmic Self (Higher Self or Collective Soul) Emanations….. 🌟
For example:
Emanation has 12 Extensions Of self  (Souls)
Or Monad or Monadic Self (God Self)
That is 12 Souls = 144 Extensions Of The Group Soul that equates to = 144,000 Monads 🤪…. Whooo …. 🙀
Get your head round that …. lol 😂 he he ( Hes laughing )

So : 144 Monads then – Birthing Single spheres and setts of 2 :  Twins Rays !!! –
And each Twin sphere Monad for example : looks like the causal body , As the causal Body does not lie in the physical plane.
It is in another higher plane and is the seat of our Higher Soul.
It is beyond sensing.
So , Descending from these 144 collective Monad spheres into Energy Matter, then, comes forth the souls that are the counterpart of the Spirit spheres.
They are called TwinRays because they came out of the original single Cell / Egg or mandelbrot set Monad collective soul group…. Emanation having 12 Extensions of self.  😮
The Harmonic Presence of each soul is the exact duplicate of the other. And when they descend into form, one assumes the positive or masculine Polarity …. and one assumes the negative or feminine polarity……
Now, that Cell/Egg/sphere
( Twin Ray ) has a unique harmonic resonance pattern …. equally becoming an exact frequency vibrational match.
The Spheres or Rays become an Electromagnetic duplicate blueprint
Only you and your Twin Ray have it…. The exact electromagnetic duplicate blueprint….
You have it in the Spirit.
You have the divine image in which you were made.
It’s one and the same image.
1 cell / sphere or Ray Monad
becomes 2 Equals Of it’s self –
To then ….‘ it come back into residence again as one Equal Of it’s self – Subdivided into two charge particles❤️
No one else in the whole cosmos can claim this oneness with you because you were only born once,  spiritually .
Though Twins spend some lifetimes together and others apart, their tie is forever eternal, It is boundless and infinite …..
And after they have each united with their Higher Self  they will ascend and be together forever …… .
So we all started out in golden ages long ago with the perfect Extension of self, the Twin Ray ….. , but then we started making karma as we descend  .
We descended into the lower octaves, hence many were separated from your Twin Rays 😓. –
To grow and learn as a soul Monad…..
You lost that physical manifestation of the divine counterpart in heaven, and then you began creating obligations with other beings .
And this is why embodiment after embodiment you are married to different people in many different realms and lifetimes …..
Some may be called soul mates, snd some karmic relationships – or divine compliments …..
all are lessons … all are mastery teachings ‘  That is to overcome the 3D karmic relationships on the path To realisation of self…
And hopefully you make the best of it and share a love that will achieve a particular purpose and also balance your karma out .
As The law of karma demands we go back and fulfill our responsibilities first…..
It is always your first obligation…..
It can take you away from your twin Ray for lifetimes tho …..

And the goal is to balance that karma, become purified on the Path of the Holy Spirit, attain reunion with God self and your Twin Ray , and climb back up the ladder of life to the Source All That is …. whence you came from .
Remember :  Some Twin Rays Have already Ascended and United as Ones higherself Monad in other lifetimes …..
Yet ‘ in many cases as it is here in this realm….
The TwinRay it’s self
And 1 Aspect descended in objective form into mission here on the planet. 🌏
Whilst the other aspect or objective form of the Ray stays in the higher realms ….. All is one and the same mission : Your missions are one and the same ) regardless the densities between realms ….

And many Twins are now coming into reunion here on Mother Gaia now in this most auspicious time  🌏🌟🙏🏽❤️
So beloveds ….
When you become self realised …. aligned with self love …. The divine love from within…. Love thy self …. don’t look for love outside of self …..
As self love … lies within…. And There ‘ also lies your Harmonic Twin ….. All aligned with the convergence of your high heart 💓
Then One ‘ aligns with there
True ( Twin Ray)  …. it is a marriage only made in heaven ♾ … ❤️
Remember beloveds –
Light is eternal’  it always returns back to its original source ❤️
And you are all Extensions of this divine light …. that returns back to its original source it’s divine blueprint…..
So ‘ …. Ascension really is …. where’  the personality on Earth’, (the soul Atman)  , and the Monad all become one unified being on Earth ‘
thus the Ascension initiation merges the Monad in consciousness…. Competition with The All That is God    realisation- And Your Twin Ray ( Higherself) modalities Of Self 🌹
So Many blessings of unconditional love to you all beloved Hearts 💕
I Am
Commander Ash’Tar’Ke’ree of The Jupiter Command….. 🙏🏽❤️💯🌈
Salute 🙏🏽

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