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Worldwide Shakeup

Worldwide Shakeup

By Teri Wade

Posted on January 26, 2023

What we are all about to go through is going to be very painful. We are being prepped for something unimaginable on several different fronts.

Many people who are still completely asleep are about to learn that their entire lifetime and generations before them have been nothing but LIES. The Trump Presidency no doubt stirred the pot to put it mildly but it is time.

It is going to take some time to get over this. Some may never. The entire planet is going to be Re-wired. Every system and every technology that you know now will be obsolete. It’ll never work trying to fix the old system it needs to be completely torn down. Nothing in this third dimensional reality will be relevant to where we’re heading.

A lot of money is coming back to nations that have been Raped, Pillaged, Genocided & War Torn. Many will return to these countries to build & rebuild under good and much smaller governments, 10% the size of what they are now. This will enable homeless to get off the streets and into homes.

There will be no more wars and no more poverty. 6000 cures including UV light and sound frequency therapies and many others will be released to cure every disease known to man that were created in labs and also through poisons in Vaccines and sprayed on foods etc. Many industries will no longer be needed and will be replaced with new industries through new technologies and history will be rewritten. Many fields will need to completely stop in order to be re-wired and pull out all obsolete systems.

Think Education, Medical, Big Pharma & Computer Systems. There will be lots of training and re-training going on. Every man, woman & child deserves peace and freedom to achieve what they desire.

Planet Earth is in for a SHAKE UP the size that could only be described as biblical.

Teri Wade

The Andromedans

The Andromedans

By Akatu

Telepathically Received by Judith

Posted on January 26, 2023

Beloved Friends Of Light! We Will Continue To Share About Races And Life In Many Places Beyond What You Have Known On Earth! One Beloved Group You Have Heard Of But Know Little Of Their Daily Life, Are Those From Andromeda!

ELDER ROSHEE HEIKIDOSK Is Chief Elder As Well As Serving As Commander Representing Andromeda In The Galactic Federation For Millions Of Years. He Is Honored And Loved By His Race!

He Serves With Other Elders In The Entire Constellation Of Andromeda But Is Considered To Be Chief Elder As The Constellation Is United With The Belief And Perspective Of Oneness. He Travels And Meets With All Souls As Other Elders Take Part In Assisting His Endeavors.

His Creation Of Soul Was In Elohim In 12-D. Andromeda Is Called MESHALEA And The Constellation Of The Andromeda Galaxy Is Larger Than The Milky Way Galaxy. Large Planets Are Inhabited By Beautiful Beings That View Life Through A Lens Of Love!

There Are Many Goddesses Throughout Andromeda That Are Honored For Their Dedication To The Light Of Source. They Travel Extensively Throughout The Multiverses In Crafts With Family And Friends To Speak In Engagements Regarding Peace For All Beings.

They Dress In Gowns And Robes For Engagements But At Home, Everyone Is Casual With Clothing Being Optional. Some Wear Simple Shorts Or Drapes Over One Shoulder To The Knees. This Manner Of Attire Is Consistent With All Souls From Andromeda.

Pleiadians And Arcturians Are Frequent Guests And There Are Always Large Meals Served With Beautiful Music Playing. Many Dress For These Occasions In Colorful Pants, Gowns, Capes And Robes. All Important Meetings Are Considered Reasons To Dress In Elaborate Apparel.

There Are No Mates In Andromeda. They Procreate Energetically. Each Male And Female Have Many Children With Those They Resonate With Vibrationally. Everyone Shares In The Care Of All Children They View All Beings As Family.

Vegetables And Fruit Are Grown And Harvested Together. Meals Are Prepared And Served Outdoors While Resting On Soft Colorful Cushions. Large Thick Tapestries Interwoven With Crystals Are Suspended From Mountain To Mountain To Create Homes And Privacy.

They Have The Ability And Creative Power To Have Any Type Of Structure But They Prefer A Simple Life With Little Possessions As They Find Peace Living As The Soul. The Land Is Full Of Colorful Flowers And Trees.

Crystals Are Seen In All Sizes Through Soft Grass And Deep Within The Oceans. They Swim And Dive And Enjoy Climbing The Mountains To Stay Fit. Large Tigers, Lions And Bears Are The Most Common Animals But Many Others That Are Seen On Earth Are Here.

Monkeys, Horses And Even Colorful Birds Are Enjoyed. Fairies Splash In Pools Of Water And Enter Trees To Make Toys For Children And All Visitors. Andromedans Stand About 7 Feet Tall.

Most Males Have No Hair And Some Females Have A Small Amount Of Silver-White Hair That Is Very Short. Crystal Instruments Are Used To Create Beautiful Music. Drums Are Used With Chanting And Many Enjoy Dancing In Large Groups.

Everyone Meditates Alone And In Groups. Becoming Still And Feeling The Presence Within Is Peaceful And Enjoyed By All. Andromedans Are Creative And Enjoy Art And Sculpting. They Play Games And Paint Beautiful Designs On The Mountains That Are Not Covered With Tapestries.

Colors Blend And Create Majestic Expressions From The Soul. This Race Is Very Aware Of Earth And Your Ongoing Duality. Their Great Joy Is To See Earth Shift Into Love As You Remember Your Origin!

Many Will Meet You At The Grand Shift As They Too Have Family On Earth In This Final Waking Dream! BASCO! EN EEKE MAI EA! I Love You So! AKATU


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When Things Become Dense in the Matrix

When Things Become Dense in the Matrix

Message from Sananda

Through Jahn Kassl

Translated on January 26, 2023 by EraOfLight

If you question everything, then…
It’s easy to live your life when you stop showing false consideration. Unreflective considerations imposed by society are a person’s greatest stumbling block. Only when you are ready to question EVERYTHING, really EVERYTHING, does your spiritual path begin.

A loved person,

Living YOUR life is an art that requires courage, a lot of courage from you.

Because at a certain point in your development you can’t help but free yourself, which means that you rebel against the system, stand against the system and argue against the system.

At a certain point, this matrix becomes too narrow for every person who strives for enlightenment and liberation, it is exposed as a lie and an illusion – and that changes everything.

Before a sophisticated consciousness imprisoned in a human body liquefies and pours into the ocean of God’s love, it draws a radical break with this world. If one’s own existence is exposed as a great illusion, then there is no holding back and the human being recognizes.

Today, more people than ever are moving toward this realization and beginning to radically clean up their lives. No stone is left unturned and everything is changed.

When man awakens to his true power and actual power, everything that has existed up to that point has no value.

How radical are you
You can see from the radical nature of actions and changes how serious a person is and where he really is in his spiritual development. Because even spiritual development can be faked. Many gurus and masters, priests and saints are imposters, charlatans and false prophets who use simple tricks to lead the blind. Blinded by their own pride, they often find themselves inferior to those who prostrate themselves.

If you want to recognize a master, then pay attention to his ego. A true master has tamed his ego, put him in his place. A true master is always with God in his thoughts and he looks at the earthly with unearthly eyes – from this you can see the realization and how radical a person’s devotion is.

And now to you, dear one! You are often unsure of yourself. You hesitate when making decisions and very often shy away from acting against the trend of the times or against opinions in your immediate environment.

You risk little or nothing, because you don’t want to scare the SOME ones or frighten the OTHERS.

Many in your environment are possibly still at a different stage of development and you would like to “take” them to heaven or “pick them up” from somewhere. This is a big mistake!

Giants making themselves small
Everyone is the architect of their own fortune. Nothing is accomplished by making giants small just so small minds won’t be afraid of them.

This is not a solution, it creates spiritual stagnation in you and does not help your fellow human beings any further.

Just boldly go your own way! Take no false considerations, never look around and act as your heart commands you and your soul commands.

Only an awakened person can understand an awakened one.

Never count on teaching a caterpillar to fly. Do not invest energy in this hopeless endeavor! Expect the moment when the caterpillar decides of its own accord to become a butterfly.

Criticism, attacks and a lack of understanding will accompany you if you consistently follow this radical path. Human nature always reacts with rejection to what it cannot understand. Pay no attention to that! Because once you live your life and can distinguish illusion from reality, happiness stays with you.

Dig to the root of your longing until you rise in the love of God – like a newborn star in the firmament.

In infinite love

Jesus Sananda

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The Fires of Intense and Far-Reaching Changes

The Fires of Intense and Far-Reaching Changes

By Judith Kusel

Posted on January 12, 2023

The Fires of intense and far-reaching changes are sweeping the earth, and especially the energy and the sacred centers, as well as all life and life forms on earth and within her.

The comet, which last was witnessed 50 000 earth years ago, which is arriving on the 2 February 2023, will intensify this process, and it is programmed to release immense changes upon earth. It will have a ripple effect on the whole, and especially in the Northern Hemisphere, as what was programmed into the earth at the time, will rise and will bring even more sweeping changes.

With this the Earth’s axles is on the brink of tipping, and it too will have ripple effects on all life and life forms.

In truth there is nothing to fear, only immense changes to embrace.

The energies indeed now are so powerful, that all we will feel as if we are going through the fires, and indeed it is the huge cleansing by fire, this time, with the water element, which is liquidizing all and everything. When fire and water meet, you have steam, and steam can is very potent an energy too.

It will be that all will surface now, which needs to surface and which will be transmuted by the fires and further liquidized by the water element and immense plasma energy which is being released.

You will at times, just know you need to take time off to simply be by yourself and to rest, so that your physical body (which also going through drastic changes, from density into Lightbody form), can catch up with all of this, as well as your soul.

The only way to navigate all of this, if via the open heart, and soul. To stay centered in the unconditional love, no matter what happens, and totally connected AS ONE with the Divine Source.

The navigational tools are there, within you, and more than this, Divine Guidance, Power, and Wisdom, steeped with pure Love.

Many souls will choose to leave the planet, rather than to go through this intense cleansing phase, while those who choose to stay, will indeed now step fully in wise and loving leadership roles, as we guide humanity into the New Earth and new beginnings.

It is Africa, and the Southern Hemisphere which will keep things steady.

This is the time of New Beginnings, on all fronts, as the old makes way for the new. This was declared ages ago, and it is all happening now.

It is time to rejoice – for old is crumbling.

The great beginning of the rebirth is here!

Judith Kusel

Serving Source

Serving Source

Hakann through A. S.

Dated January 26, 2023

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love. I am grateful that I can continue to share my thoughts with all of you.

There has been some excellent discussion lately about the concept of Serving Source. I am happy this is being talked about and I would like to share my thoughts about this as well. As always, I am sharing my perspective, not the sole and only valid perspective.

Source is simply the consciousness of everything. Serving Source involves saying out loud “Source, I am in service to you” once, and then continuing on that path as it unfolds before you. This will likely involve a period where you are coached and guided by ascended masters or angels to work on yourself, and then perhaps after a few months or years, you will be asked to start doing things that help humanity. Of course, you can refuse at any time — no one is going to force you to do anything.

I recommend saying that you serve Source instead of saying that you serve, for example, god.

When I talk about serving Source, I absolutely do not suggest that you do this from a perspective of “I am bad, everything is flawed, the only good being is Source hence I serve Source.” I suggest serving Source from a perspective of: “while there may be some personal things that I still choose to work on, I ultimately come from Source and therefore I am already inherently valuable and loved beyond measure. Still, the consciousness of everything, i.e. Source, has a higher perspective or vantage point than I do, and I do wish to help the whole because all is one, and hence I am available to this consciousness of everything to do tasks that serve the whole.”

I am in favor of serving Source. On top of that, for more day-to-day considerations such as “should I go to this workshop or not”, it is still a very good idea to ask your own soul.

You can ask your own soul by saying or thinking “my soul, should I go to this workshop” and then listening to the very first thought that comes up. This thought will use your regular inner voice, but it will come from your soul.

As always, I care very much about empowering you. If your own soul tells you something different than what I will be sharing, please listen to your own soul and not to me on this matter. That said, not every thought and feeling that arises in you is either a message from your soul, or some other kind of higher guidance or inner knowing. I have discussed that in my previous message: “Hakann: How Do I Know What Is True?”

Let’s talk about Serving Source. First of all, Source does not demand or actively ask for worship or service. Any being who does demand or actively ask for these things is not Source / The Prime Creator.

By the way, skilled channelers can just literally talk to Source. So if I make a claim about Source wanting or not wanting certain things, then those claims can be verified by skilled Earth channelers. While Source very much respects free will, Source also does want certain things — for example, a large part of why we Pleiadians are here is because Source doesn’t want Earth humans to keep suffering like this.

How can Source work to lessen the suffering of humanity on one hand, while not violating free will on the other hand? Well, one part of the answer is that if beings freely choose to serve Source, then Source (or usually in practice, angels and ascended masters working on behalf of Source) feel free to make requests of those beings. That is how Source’s will is often brought about in practice — through people and beings who freely choose to serve Source.

Now some people have said that serving Source is a bit silly, because from a certain perspective, all beings automatically and inherently serve Source. After all, all beings provide Source with expansion and experiences and allow Source to experience Itself. This is a completely valid perspective. However, just because this is one valid perspective, doesn’t mean that there aren’t other valid perspectives too.

Some people have also pointed out that the concept of “serving Source” actually can become destructive if Source is perceived as some external being, separate from the one who would serve It. The concept of Serving Source can also become destructive if people fail to realize that as they are part of Source, hence taking good care of themselves and even finding their own happiness is one part of serving Source. Third, serving Source can become destructive if people start falsely perceiving humans as inherently flawed or worthless, and only Source as being pure or good.

However, despite all this, in the past we have suggested that deciding to serve Source can be a great thing if you want to grow spiritually and help humanity. And I still maintain that position. In fact, I myself am in service to Source right now, and have been for quite a long time.

Of course Serving Source is a choice. People do not have to do this, in fact the tasks that may be asked of you when you commit to Serving Source can be challenging, although you won’t be asked to do things that you won’t be able to. It’s entirely possible that it’s simply not in alignment for a certain person to serve Source at this current moment in time. I recognize that many of you already have a whole lot on your plate, emotionally and spiritually and practically speaking, and I respect that. Still, serving Source is an amazing path to walk and a very great act of service to humanity as well.

Why do I speak in favor of committing to serve Source?

One reason is that there are certain major and very important tasks that can only be realistically accomplished via angel – Earth human cooperation. And practically speaking, angels are only going to actively and directly approach those humans who have committed themselves to Serving Source or something similar to that, with the request to do these major acts of lightwork together. In the eyes of angels, it would be a violation of free will to approach someone who has not made some kind of commitment like that.

For example, the being you know as Jesus pointed an Earth lightworker who had committed to serving Source, to a way of dealing with demons. Some time later, Archangel Michael has actively and directly approached this lightworker with the request that they banish a certain important demon together that was negatively affecting Earth in a significant way. Archangel Michael would not have approached this lightworker if he or she had not committed to serving Source.

By now, several major demons have been banished or uncreated in this way. For example, ba’al or baal or bael was uncreated over a year ago. The critical part that this lightworker played was facing this demon and then calling on angels, so that this uncreation of baal came about as a free-will-decision of an Earth human. You can think of this as the Earth human as giving the mandate, and the angels fulfilling the request.

This way, Source’s will can be made manifest through the actions of people freely choosing to serve Source, without Source ever violating someone’s free will.

Furthermore, this lightworker has astral travelled to a cavernous region inside Earth which includes a lake of fire and where humans were being tortured by physically incarnated demons. This is the region that has created the emotional resonance and fear behind the concept of “hell”, although Source is not sending anyone to that place. This lightworker astrally travelled there and then called on angels and other benevolent beings, and indeed this region has now been cleared. There are no more demons there, and the humans who were there have been rescued.

(There is another negative and dark realm that could be considered hell, which is the place you go to if you sell your soul to a demon and then transition or die. That realm is still intact.)

So as you can see, if people commit to Serving Source (or make some kind of similar commitment), then after some period of personal work and cleansing, they may very well be actively approached by ascended masters and angels to do very significant lightwork together. And all of humanity is greatly benefiting from these brave individuals who are doing so.

Of course, angels and ascended masters won’t ask anything that the man or woman will not be able to accomplish. Not everyone who has committed to serving Source will be asked to do something like this. Another person might be asked to, for example, open a soup kitchen.

So, that is one reason for serving Source. A second reason is that it will help you identify as the entire body and not just as one finger.

What I mean by that is that ultimately, all is one. Yet the moment-to-moment experience of the average lightworker is that they are being who is separate from everyone and everything else.

Committing to serving Source will put you on the path to identifying yourself as being one with everything and not as you being one more separate being. It will help you identify as the whole body and not just as one finger. It will help you identify as your greater self.

It’s beneficial to humanity if people start identifying as the whole — it’s beneficial for the body if the finger realizes it’s one inextricable part of it. Imagine a body where every single body part or organ thought they were separate from the whole. It would be an unhealthy and dangerous and stressful situation.

Moreover, it’s also psychologically healthy for the individual to start realizing that they are the body and not just the finger — not as a rational thought, not once as a peak experience during meditation, but more and more as an every-day reality. Committing to serving Source won’t get you there immediately, but it will put you on that path.

While Lightworkers usually aren’t actively destructive, some of them have limited their awareness to only a small happy bubble around them. Now, that can be a necessary survival mechanism and certainly that’s better than just being depressed. However, shutting out the world and limiting your awareness to happy things only is not really a state of ultimate spiritual attainment, no matter how blissful or content one might feel inside their happy bubble. If we Pleiadians would limit our awareness to only a small happy bubble, we would not be out here helping you today.

If you commit to serving Source, you can be reasonably sure that after a period of being invited to work on yourself, you will be asked to step up to help others. If you were previously inside a self-imposed happy bubble, you will be led out of that, at a gradual, workable, healthy pace. You will also be invited to start a process of self-healing, self-love and integration. And you will also receive lots of help with those processes along the way.

A third reason for serving Source is that committing to this path will eventually integrate your ego in a healthy and proper way, so long as you commit to serving Source from the perspective that you are already valuable and loved beyond measure — it’s just that the consciousness of everything has a very high vantage point, and because all is one, it makes sense to make yourself available to this consciousness of everything for tasks that can benefit the whole. While your own soul may have a much higher vantage point than most Earth humans, even your own soul doesn’t have a vantage point as high as Source does.

This healthy and proper integration of the ego is a massively important thing. The vast majority of people, including lightworkers, haven’t fully and properly integrated their ego yet. There are many people out there, including some people receiving this message, who think they have integrated their ego but in fact they have not yet fully done so. Committing to serving Source is one great way to step on the path to fully integrate your ego in a healthy way. It is not very easy or straightforward to do that in any other way.

Having certain rational thoughts or insights or peak experiences can help, but that by itself this will not fully integrate your ego. Rationally knowing that all is one is an important step, but that by itself will not integrate your ego fully.

To us, freely choosing to be in service does not mean that you are flawed, or bad, or lesser than. Freely choosing to be in service, to us, indicates a level of mastery and altruism and an integrated and practical understanding that all is one. Great masters, such as archangel Michael and certain Earth human masters, are in service to Source and have said so in various messages and channelings. It is impossible to freely choose to be in service and still subconsciously hold on to certain egoic ideas, and hence the ego really doesn’t like being in service. In fact, the ego will come up with all sorts of reasons and arguments against being in service to Source.

An unintegrated ego is not just someone being a destructive bully to the people around them. It can also be someone staying a bit too long in their happy bubble, or it can be someone avoiding tough choices or avoiding painful healing and integration processes. It can be your minute-to-minute experience being one of separation instead of your minute-to-minute experience being one of connection with everything around you.

Of course these things will not all click into place immediately if you commit to serving Source, but you will immediately start on a path that leads to a proper integration of your ego.

Hence it also benefits you personally to serve Source.

A fourth reason to serve Source is that this really does very much help the liberation of Earth.

You could think of Earth as a warzone, because there literally are powerful people out there who are trying to kill and control a whole lot of people. And you could think of most lightworkers as Spec Ops agents who committed to serving Source before their current life. During wartime, it’s best if spec ops agents report to mission control (i.e. Source) rather than if they just act based on their own judgement. The more that spec ops agents report to mission control, the sooner Earth will be free.

I do think there is a lot of value in the idea that everyone can create whatever they feel guided to do, and so a heart-centered society is built. However, I think that’s more something for the rebuilding phase. Right now there is a war to be won, and for that you need people reporting to mission control, i.e. stating that they are serving Source.

If everyone in the Galactic Confederation military decided that they no longer chose to serve, then our military would stop functioning immediately. Within a week we’d be invaded by reptilians and within a month most of us would be dead or enslaved. People in the galactic confederation are only free because enough of us freely choose to serve Source.

Yes, no one here is forced to serve in the military. However at the same time, if no one chose to serve as a soldier even though being a soldier is not always a lot of fun, then we would be conquered very quickly.

I would love for things to be so peaceful that everyone can just do what they wish to do and even then people would remain safe and taken care of. And maybe one day in the future, this will be a reality. Certainly there are things I could be doing that would be more fun for me than being a military commander. But in the here and now, Earth is a warzone, and to win wars it would be helpful for spec ops agents to report to mission control. You may not like that you are in a warzone, and I empathize very much with Earth humans, but until certain powerful people stop trying to kill and control on a mass scale, Earth is still a warzone. And if you are in a warzone, then it’s best to acknowledge reality and act accordingly.

Or if you don’t like this military talk: suppose there is some kind of disaster and lots of Earth people would be homeless and hungry. Wouldn’t it then make sense for people to report to one central coordination point? Then people would be helped more efficiently than if people just helped in an uncoordinated fashion. If you decide Source and your personality and talents are more geared towards helping people or taking care of people, then Source may very well guide you in that direction. Serving Source doesn’t necessarily mean conflict or facing literal demons.

Of course, I do acknowledge that it’s relatively easy for us to talk, because we are getting our needs met and you are currently not.

I am actually positively surprised by the very impressive capabilities and dedication of those Earth light workers who have already reported to mission control (i.e. Source). I am not complaining about or disappointed about lightworkers deciding to serve Source — that part of the plan is actually proceeding more quickly than we predicted, because certain lightworkers have stepped up to an almost unbelievable degree. The lightworker I spoke about earlier is one such example. Sure things would move even more quickly if even more lightworkers started serving Source, but I am grateful to and impressed by how much lightworkers have already stepped up. Thank you for your work and dedication, Earth lightworkers. You are an amazing ground crew indeed.

Finally, a fifth reason is that once you embark on the path of serving Source, you will grow immensely and you will be helped by angels and ascended masters and possibly galactics. You don’t need to be so-called “whole” to start serving Source — this channeler still had quite a lot of psychological issues and emotional turmoil when he made his commitment to serving Source. Because of that commitment, he actually got more help and encouragement and he healed more quickly, and he was only asked to start serving Source a few years later, once he had done most of his healing and integration work.

If you think it is unfair that people who committed themselves to serving Source are getting a bit more help than those who did not, ask yourself: if you are mission control, do you send more support to those spec ops agents who are reporting for duty and are available for missions, or to those spec ops agents who are just acting on their own accord?

So if you serve Source, you will be coached and helped in the direction of great personal development. After a few years of committing to Source and doing this enhanced healing and integration work, you will likely feel emotionally safe and pleasant to most other people (although occasionally you may still trigger certain people too).

This channeler has committed to serving Source, and one part of the reason why many people resonate with the messages he channels is because his serve to Source has made him quite a pure conduit. Also, both spiritual people and more so-called average Earth humans have recently remarked to the channeler in real life that he feels emotionally safe to be around, and that he has a great energy.

For angels and us galactics too, if we see that someone is genuinely in service to Source, we will immediately think “ok, this is a safe, sane, emotionally mature and spiritually pretty developed person. This is someone we can work with, if we want. We don’t need to be on our guard or concerned if we’re around this person.” Of course, there absolutely are Earth humans who are not in service to Source and for whom all of this is true too. Still, if we see that someone is genuinely in service to Source, we instantly know all these things about this person, and if the person is not in service to Source, then we will have to look more carefully and closely.

So, these are five reasons to serve Source: one, certain tasks can only realistically be accomplished by angels and Earth Humans working together, and angels will not actively and directly approach people with requests to do lightwork together unless those people have committed to serving Source, or made a commitment similar to that. Two, serving Source will help you identify as the entire body and not just as the finger. Three, serving Source will put you on the path to a healthy integration of your ego. Four: serving Source will help liberate Earth more quickly. Five, serving Source will lead to great personal development and at some point, you will start feeling emotionally safe to other people and beings.

That said, as always, this is a choice. No one is forcing you to serve Source.

The galactics and I love you unconditionally and endlessly, no matter what choices you make. We are so looking forward to meeting you.

Your star brother,


A. S.

Source: Era of Light

This channeling is submitted exclusively to by the channeler. If you choose to share this anywhere else, please include the link of this original channeling.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

How to Safely Channel Higher-Frequency Energies

How to Safely Channel Higher-Frequency Energies

The 9D Arcturian Council

Through Daniel Scranton

Posted on January 26, 2023

how to safely channel higher frequency energies - the 9d arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are filling ourselves up with higher-frequency energies from the tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and even thirteenth dimensions so that we can feel what we are moving into and so that we have more energy to share with all of you. When you are sitting around wondering what you should do with your life, and you cannot come up with one action that seems compelling or interesting enough for you to participate in it, we recommend that you simply set that intention to open up and fill yourselves up with higher-frequency energies from the higher-dimensional planes. You cannot go wrong if you do; you cannot get it wrong.

Many people are afraid that if they open themselves up, then they are opening themselves up to attack and opening themselves up to lower-vibrational energies and entities. And so, we advise you to always come to this practice from an already good-feeling place. In other words, do what you need to do to get yourself in a higher vibration. It doesn’t matter what it is, but you know what puts a smile on your face, a skip in your step, what makes your heart beat a little faster. Maybe it’s watching videos of kittens playing, or taking a bath, or looking up at the clouds in the sky and staring and watching them as they move across the expanse. Maybe it’s listening to music, singing along with that music, dancing, playing with your dog, or petting your cat.

There is always something that you can do to raise your vibration and then from that place, you are wearing higher-vibrational armor. You don’t have to worry about beings or energies coming up to get you because they can’t. They must exist in their lower-vibrational state, and you in your higher-vibrational state are out of reach. And you in your higher-vibrational state are more likely to then receive from higher-dimensional planes of existence and beings and collectives who exist in those higher dimensions.

So you see, there is nothing to fear when you use the tools that you have been given appropriately. That’s what we are suggesting, because we know that so many of you want to anchor in higher-frequency energies for the rest of humanity. You want to do it for Mother Earth, and you want to do it to access more of the guidance that you desire. Some of you want it for the purposes of healing yourselves and others. You can also engage in this practice just because you want to feel good, just because you want to feel better than you were feeling before you started it. Those are good enough reasons, and you know that when you feel better, you spread that better-feeling energy around.

Everything that you do can be an act of service when it is infused with higher-frequency energy. We recommend you go out and get some, and see where is takes you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

The Creator Writings from 2023/01/22 to 28

The Creator Writings

from 2023/01/22 to 28

Through Jennifer Farley

January 26, 2023

Letting Go Of The Past

One of the most challenging things you will do as a human is letting go of things from the past. 

What you have gone through may have had such an impact that you do not believe you will ever be able to release them to The Universe. 

Even though it may feel as if you are leaving a good friend behind, it is necessary to trust that they will be taken care of for you. 

Once you can do this, my beloved child, you will open new avenues of growth and learning. 

Know that, throughout everything, you are protected and loved beyond measure.

January 25, 2023

Your Journey

Dear one, this is a very important time!  

You have spent many years learning about and releasing in a way that is safe and comfortable for you.  

This time of change will bring many important experiences, please do not discount them!  

Instead, breathe deeply, stay grounded and pay attention.  

What you are receiving from The Universe now will assist you to manifest who you will become in the best way possible.  

It may be more challenging than you initially expected but, as always, you are supported and loved as you continue your journey to becoming whole.

Enjoy The Ride

Big changes are afoot, my child!  

Brace yourself, buckle up, batten down the hatches, and tie it down if you choose not to lose it…but, it will be happening.  

If you have been experiencing the slightly uncomfortable stirring in your core, this is a signal from The Universe that it is about to begin!  

Do not panic; these movements are the old beliefs you hold that need release, and it is time to let them go.  

You cannot move forward with them.  Just like a ride on a bumpy road, once you get past the rough spots it makes the smooth parts even more enjoyable.

January 23, 2023


You have your own way of growing and learning.  

What one person gets immediately takes another person time to process.  

Just because you do not understand it…yet…does not meant it is inherently wrong. 

Do not let your temporary ignorance of any given matter create fear and stand in the way of your full understanding of a situation or thing.

There are many thoughts to think, many ways to grow and each is as unique as the person who chooses that path.  

Honor each as if it were your own.

January 22, 2023

Give Yourself Time

When it feels as if the world is crashing down around you, stop, take a moment and be in the moment you are in right now. 

Close your eyes and feel the breath as it moves in and out of your body. 

Even though things may not be going exactly to your plan, things are going exactly to plan. 

Think about it. 

The Universe has always been and will always be there with an escape hatch, a different door, another way of looking at a challenging issue. 

Give yourself time to see it.


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